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Naturally Cotton Free Style

Free Style is a concept created by Noah and Me organic to dress freely and comfortably.
The minimalist style brings the elegance of natural colors of colored cotton, to the soft and healthy touch for the skin.
The simple concept of dressing consciously and sustainably with the most luxurious natural cotton.

    Recommended for kids and adults who have allergies to synthetic fabrics, allergic to dyes, eczema and UV exposure.
    There is experimental evidence that has demonstrated that naturally pigmented cottons, have excellent sun protection properties from the ultraviolet radiation.
    Also, the naturally colored cotton has a light, smooth feel, bringing extreme comfort to the skin. Therefore, when you’re wearing natural cotton clothing, your skin can breathe, bringing many skin health benefits.

    The naturally colored cotton saves 87,5% of water compared to the conventional production of cotton and jersey (because it depends only on rainwater). 
    In summary, the naturally colored production is: 
    - Responsibly grown (75% of its production has socio-environmental certification)
    - Generates jobs that move the local economy
    - Contributes to a conscious fashion
    With that being said, it is a great pleasure to serve you toward a current and future prosperous generation.

    The cotton is also grown on small farms, supporting local agriculture and helping the farmers with the financial support so needed as it is their only source of income. Our relationship is directly with the farming families, seamstresses, embroiderers and artisans.
    It is an honor for us to be able to sell such a genuine product from honest and very hardworking hands.